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Ferienhaus Weinhäusel - Das Weinhäusel - Susanne Klauke - Wine Festivals & Events

  • February: Chocolate Fair "Petit Salon du Chocolat"
  • March: Almond blossom festival in Gimmeldingen
  • April: Andergasser Fest, Neustadt
  • April: Feast of 100 wines with wine tasting, Kallstadt
  • May: Haardter wine festival with wheelbarrow races
  • June: Castle and Wine Festival in Wachenheim
  • July: Hambacher Jakobus-Weinkerwe
  • July: Donkey Skin Festival
  • August: Weinkerwe Neustadt, St. Martin, Deidesheim, Landau and many more
  • September: Wurstmarkt (largest wine festival in the world)
  • September: Feast of the New Wine, Rhodt under Rietburg
  • September: Palatinate wine-growing village "Haiselscher", Neustadt
  • October: Coronation of the German Wine Queen
  • October: Coronation of the Palatine Wine Queen
  • October: Winegrowers' Festival, Neustadt
  • October: Gimmeldinger Herbst
  • October: Feast of Feather White, Landau
(Please check the website of the respective city/municipality to find out whether the wine festival event is actually taking place. Due to Corona, individual events are unfortunately cancelled at short notice).

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